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Spring-Summer 2001


It’s All About Pro- Life In the Black Community

Jesus said to the crowd, “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me 
will never hunger, and whoever believes in me will never thirst.”   John 6:35


Jesus, Bread of Life, bless our African American Mothers, Fathers & Caregivers who have nourished us and given us life. 
We humbly pray in the name of Life:

Jesus Bread of Life, bless all Mothers, Fathers, Guardians and Caregivers throughout the world.  
We humbly pray in the name of Life:

Jesus, Bread of Life, grant eternal life to our African American Mothers, Fathers and Caregivers who 
have gone before us with the joyful hope of being with you for all eternity. 
We humbly pray in the name of Life:

Jesus, Bread of Life, bless and liberate our brothers and sisters in Sudan, who are suffering 
oppression, slavery, and death at the hands of those who do not respect the dignity of human life.  
We humbly pray in the name of Life:

Jesus, Bread of Life, comfort and console our brothers and sisters who are infected and affected 
We humbly pray in the name of Life:

Jesus, Bread of Life, we ask your blessing on NBSC’s National Gathering for Black Catholic Women. 
We humbly pray in the name of Life:

Jesus, Bread of Life, we ask your blessing on NBCCC’s African American Men in Ministry Gathering. 
We humbly pray in the name of Life:

Jesus, Bread of Life, we ask your blessing on the United Nations World Conference against Racism, 
Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance. 
We humbly pray in the name of Life:

 Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God and Mother of Life,
remain with us and pray for us now and forever. Amen

National Black Catholic Apostolate for Life 
Board of Consultants

(As of this date)

Sr. Donna Banfield,SBS, Dr. Beverly A. Carroll, Ms. Charlotte Davis, 
Br. Tyrone A. Davis, CFC, Rev. Mr. Jerry M. Lett, Sr. Claire Napoleon,FMM, 
Dr. Hilbert Stanley, Msgr. Patrick R. Wells



Bishop J. Terry Steib, SVD, Episcopal. Advisor for the National Black Catholic Apostolate invites African-American Mothers to make a pledge to defend life on Mothers Day May 13, 2001.

 He is calling on African American Fathers to make a pledge to defend life on Father’s Day June 18, 2001.  The pledge for life could take place during the “Prayers of the Faithful”.   It would be appropriate for the children and immediate family members to join the Mothers and Fathers as they make their RESPECT LIFE PLEDGE.


Giving honor and glory to God for the gift of life,


On this ________________________(Mother’s Day – Father’s Day)

Pledge to defend and protect the dignity of life

from the moment of conception to its natural end in my family

and throughout my community.

In the name of the Father, the Son 
and the Holy Spirit. Amen


NBCAL Chapters

At the NBCCC meeting last year the members spoke about organizing National Black Catholic Apostolate for Life Chapters in the various dioceses/archdioceses. Recently the topic has been brought up by some Black Catholic Administrators.  Guidelines for establishing these chapters will be presented to the Episcopal Advisor and the NBCAL Consultants.

 The idea is excellent and worthy of implementation.

Newsletter/Bulletin Briefs 

Life will triumph: this is a sure hope for us.

Yes, life will triumph

Because truth, goodness, joy and true progress

are on the side of life.

God, who loves life and gives it generously, is on the side of life.

Pope John Paul II

Pontifical Academy for Life

March 3, 2001


Jesus our Joy, grant us the grace

to proclaim in word and deed:

No matter what

No matter when

Black Catholics

Respect Life.


Father Jim Goode, OFM

Founder & President

National Black Catholic Apostolate for Life

Immaculate Heart of Mary Lenten Mission for Life

Lake Charles, Louisiana   April 2, 2001


To imply…that to preach, to teach, to write, to proclaim a pro-life

 position is somehow to encourage or to condone violence is calumny.

The late John Cardinal O’Connor


We unequivocally condemn the use of violence to oppose abortion. 

The violence of killing in the name of pro-life makes a mockery of

the pro-life cause.  Just as we abhor the violence of abortion,

we abhor violence as a means to stop abortion.

Cathleen Cleaver, Director of Planning and Information

For the NCCB Secretariat for Pro-Life Activities

March 29, 2001


Throughout the Easter season we would like you to continue to focus our parishes’ attention on HIV-AIDS.  So let’s end all of our communications to parishes with the following message:

 “Please Pray for the Healing of Persons with HIV-AIDS”.

Dr. Beverly A. Carroll

National Black Catholic HIV-AIDS Task Force

Executive Director-NCCB Secretariat for African American Catholics


On June 28, 2000, the U.S. Supreme Court in Stenberg v. Carhart, expanded the right to kill, from children in the womb (Roe v. Wade) to children almost fully born. To help you and your communities understand what the Supreme Court said, NBCAL has enclosed the leaflet: THE DOOR OPENS TO INFANTICIDE, published by NCCB Secretariat for Pro-Life Activities.